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What is Screen Printing and how does it work?

Invented in 1907, Screen Printing is the art of applying ink onto different fabrics in order to display a design.
The first step in our process at Brat is to perfect your artwork with our in house designer. Once your design is finalized, it then gets separated by color and sent to our CTS machine to be printed onto a coated mesh screen using a light blocking wax.
After this, the screen is exposed to a light box to cure all of the coating that's not blocked. When the wax is washed off it exposes the small holes in the mesh that, once ink is forced through, reveals your design on the fabric.
The finished product is sent through our dryer to cure the ink before receiving a final quality check. For more in depth information on how this process is done check out the below video resources!

Prepping Artwork

CTS Machine

The Printing Press

How do I get started, and how much will it cost?

Instead of cookie-cutter pricing, our estimates reflect the exact specifications of your order to help save you money. In order to figure out the cost for your specific needs, you can visit our quote page here. Once you submit your information, we will get back to you with a custom quote for approval. Upon receipt of your approval and order deposit, we'll have everything completed within 7-10 business days!

A few things to keep in mind when placing an order:


The minimum item amount per order for screen printing is 24 pieces for a 1-3 color job and 73 pieces for 4-5 color job.

We do have the ability to do four color process or simulated color process but our minimum for these methods are 100 pieces per order.

Here are some examples of our screen printing work!