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So how does Embroidery work? Your design is converted by using a software that will tell our embroidery machines where each individual needle puncture needs to go into the fabric of your item, and in which thread color, in order to achieve the final look.


To be honest, it’s a lot more complicated than that. There are a lot of separate factors that go into it such as the intricateness & size of the design, thread & fabric thicknesses and types, but that’s the jist. If you're looking to have apparel embroidered with us, the part of the process you'll be most involved in are the first two; design and apparel choice. We'll handle the rest!


The first part of the embroidery process starts with design. To ensure that your embroidery comes out the way it's intended we'll need to be sure that your art work meets our standards.


The one great thing about embroidery is that you don't really need high resolution files for it. The design already has to be converted for use with the machines anyway, so just about any file size will do. Where the tricky part is here is deciding if your design is too intricate or small to achieve through embroidery.


If you're unsure if your artwork is a good fit for embroidery please feel free to reach out to our in house designer ( who would be more than happy to help with that.


If you need help designing something from scratch please inquire for a quote, we would be glad to help!

The next most exciting step is getting to choose what items you want your awesome design or logo on! You can find our apparel options here and promotional items here.

There are limits to how big and small we can embroider and where on the garment, but all of that is covered in our standardized sizing and placement guide which should be available to view on the site soon.

We price all of our jobs off of your specific needs. You won't find standardized pricing here and that's a good thing. We are able to offer you the best price we can by taking into account all of the details of your job. If you are curious about your cost to have specific items decorated, please reach out to us with your needs and we can send over pricing!


Still have questions? Take a look at our FAQ.

Here are some examples of the work we've done!

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