Whether you have your own artwork that needs a few adjustments or if you're wanting to have something made from scratch, our design team can help take your concept to the next level. 

Design for Screenprinting

When preparing your artwork for screen printing, our artists help transform your design into the different layers necessary to create the screens that will be used to print your artwork. The layers are usually dependent on how many colors you have so a 3 color design will be cheaper than a 7 color design.

Design for Embroidery

For embroidery, we upload your artwork into our digitizing software and decide the most efficient path for your design to be stitched. For intricate designs this step is crucial. The artwork is then traced and digitally "stitched" and that pattern is then saved and uploaded to our embroidery machines to be prepared for the actual stitching process.

How do I get started?

Simply send us some information about your design and what you would like it to be screen printed or embroidered on and we'll take care of the rest! (No Credit Card Required)

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