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What is Embroidery and how does it work?

Invented in 1846, Embroidery is a method of decorating fabrics that consists of using a needle and different colored threads to stitch on a logo or design.

The first step in our process at Brat is to perfect your artwork with our in house designer. If you're not looking to design something from scratch, this step will just help ensure that everything will come out looking as good as possible and that all text will be legible at the desired size.

Once your art is approved we move on to digitizing it. This is a process of taking the art into a software that will tell our embroidery machines where each stitch needs to go and in what color thread, in order to get the desired look. 

After this our embroiderer hoops each garment in the desired location and mounts it on the machine. At Brat we have two eight head machines, two six head machines and one single head machine. This means in total we could embroider 29 garments at the same time if we needed to.

A final quality check is completed after the stitching process before everything is folded, boxed up, and placed in our holding area for pick up. For more in-depth information on how this process is done check out the below video resources!

Prepping Artwork


The Embroidery Machine

How do I get started, and how much will it cost?

Instead of cookie-cutter pricing, our estimates reflect the exact specifications of your order to help save you money. In order to figure out the cost for your specific needs, you can visit our quote page here. Once you submit your information there, we will get back to you with a custom quote for approval. Upon receipt of your approval and order deposit, we'll have everything completed within 7-10 business days!

A few things to keep in mind when placing an order:


The minimum item amount per order for embroidery is 8 pieces.

Getting a design digitized for hats is done differently than shirts/jackets, so there is a separate digitizing fee for them.

Examples of previous work coming soon!

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